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Play is not only the way children learn. It’s also essential for our creativity, problem-solving, spontaneity, relationships and health. And on top of that, it provides joy. 

In this course, we will play a lot. We get you out of your busy adult head so that the inner child can take over for a while. But we will also discuss the different types of play and how you might include them in your daily life.

“If you want to be creative, stay in part a child, with the creativity and invention that characterizes children before they are deformed by adult society.” 
-Jean Piaget


We will look at fear from a new perspective so that we can use this feeling in a way it supports us.

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
― Winston S. Churchill;

Failing is an essential part of learning, and despite this knowledge, we often find it challenging to embrace our mistakes. We punish ourselves; we feel embarrassed; we do everything to hide it. Also, our body often stiffens up when we do something wrong. We lost our natural attitude towards mistakes. How can we develop a more playful and healthier attitude towards it? In our course, we will get in a playful state of mind with exercises where you meant to “fail”, watch the strategies we build up to avoid failing and watch our body reactions. We will also have a closer look at fear since it is the feeling that’s mostly involved in trying to hide our mistakes.

Too many times in life we say yes although we meant no and then we find ourself doing things we did not want to do.

Or we said no, but nobody seemed to be impressed, and you find yourself again doing the things you did not want to do because it is so hard to say ‘No’.
Saying no is deeply related to setting up your boundaries. When you set them, you gain more space for yourself, and you can act differently.
In this workshop, we help you activate your power of anger and use it for yourself in a responsible way. We provide exercises to get there at your own pace. You will get direct feedback wether your ‘No’  worked or not. Do not worry; we are going to have a lot of fun too.

Being centred is one of the essential traits that enable you to work with precision and be able to manage different things at the same time.

Therefore you need to have a playful state of mind which we will train with exercises from improv theatre, Possibility Management ® context and Aikido. There will be physical as well as mental exercises that will help you to figure out under which conditions you usually lose your centre. This knowledge will help you to not fall into the same traps again and again in everyday life.

Communication is vital, and often the cause of misunderstandings, conflicts, trouble. This workshop will give you tools to communicate more precisely. In conflict situations, you will get faster to the real source of the conflict. 

Communication is not only about how you say things but also about listening. And sometimes we do not say what we want or need or what it is about because we never learnt to let our feelings talk. You might argue about the unwashed dishes in the sink, but it is not about the dishes. There is something else behind that. To find out what it is, you need to let your feelings talk. In our workshop, you will hear about all these tools, and you will make use of them straight away.

To know how to tell a good story can help you in many different ways from setting up a business to making up your own bedtime stories for your children. Good stories have a specific structure, and if you keep that structure in mind, you already improved.

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” – Philip Pullman

In our workshop, we will build upon this structure and exercise it. There will be some games we all play together and some exercises where you will tell stories on your own.

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Improvisational skills and practices enable collaboration, creation and discovery in a team. 


It is transformative to see the the power in your anger, the softness in your sadness, the vitality in your happiness and the vigilance in your fear. 

Business ROOTS

Be authentic and successful in your day-to-day business, in dealing with customers, while aware of your limits and feelings. 

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