Your start-up package for your company for more visibility and self-confidence




You decided to start your own company
Starting a business is not easy and requires that you have already made a number of important decisions: 1. How to finance the start-up and yourself until you can make a profit. 2. Health, accident, liability, property insurance. 3. The choice of location: online or on site
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Improvment coaching. The first step is to trust yourself.
Everything starts with trusting in yourself. In Business Roots Improvement Coaching we would like to give you tools and insights with which you can appear authentically and successfully in your day-to-day business and in dealing with customers, while being aware of your needs and feelings. We look forward to accompanying you on this exciting journey and make all our experience and knowledge available to you. For this we use exercises from improvisational theater, Aikido and Possibility Management, among other things. Is there a topic that is not yet on our program and is very important to you? Then please let us know and we will do everything we can to offer you this as soon as possible.
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Your marketing strategy
Every success starts with a vision. This should be clearly stated. For this you need a business plan or at least a marketing plan. This is a prerequisite for successful entrepreneurship. With Nicole you will develop a clear strategy that is tailored to your niche and your ideal customer.
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Content - authentic images and videos for your online presence.
People are increasingly looking for content from sources they can trust. Conveying authenticity through your brand's social media presence and website is vital. Ruxi has created a package specially designed for entrepreneurs: all the images you need for your website, including a business card video. Optionally, you also have a number of photos of you and your products that you can use for social media posts.


Book your first 30-minute consultation here for:

Business Roots All-Inclusive Package at the introductory price of CHF 1940 (INSTEAD of CHF 2140):

  • Improvment coaching and workshop with Julia and Ruxi from
  • Marketing kick-off and Instagram business workshop with Nicole from
  • Content Shooting Day with Ruxi from

or for:

Marketing strategy kick-off – CHF 900

Instagram workshop – CHF 240

Content photo and video – 5 photos for the website & Talking Businesscard – CHF 900

Improvement workshop – CHF 240

Your team for your support

Nicole Hossmann

Julia Kifferle

Ruxi Balea – Marketing specialist and Instagram expert
Yes, and! – Coach and leader of the improvment workshop – Photo videographer and trainer of the improvment workshop

Julia Kifferle

Through her work as a teacher, her experience in Aikido, improvisational theater and Possibility Management ©, she acquired methods with which the participants in her workshops get to know their own behavioral patterns. With clarity, precision and full commitment, she gives feedback and thus creates new scope for action in which new possibilities can be explored and immediately applied in everyday life. Her workshops are characterized by joy, acceptance and security.

Nicole Hossmann

With her marketing agency, Nicole is geared towards women with their own business and supports them in finding their marketing strategy for more visibility. Nicole has been giving Instagram Business Workshops since 2018, in which you can successfully present your company on Instagram. Nicole has many years of practical experience in how marketing can be implemented SIMPLY UNCOMPLICATED.

Ruxandra Balea

As a trained photographer, Ruxi puts you in the right light and creates a photo series for your visibility on social media, as well as a talking business card. A video that introduces you and your company. Together with Julia she leads the improv workshops. With her trained eye, she will also work with you to develop your visual branding.

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